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The DMC (Destination Management Company) "Terre del Sangro Aventino”, is a subject of private nature, which designs, builds and manages activities to organize tourism in the area of Sangro Aventino. The territory on which the DMC operates, is equal to 48 Municipalities. It is a varied and rich territory in environments, including a stretch of  the Trabocchi Coast, from Ortona to Torino di Sangro with a variety of marine environments ranging from sandy to rocky beaches, full of coves and inlets. The rest of the territory is pushed inward, crossed by the valleys of the Sangro river and its main tributary Aventino. The slope of Aventino is affected by the East from Majella National Park. The DMC is currently composed of 134 public and private operators based in 31 of 48 municipalities in the entire area, to which can be added those who will join during the activities. The operators involved belong the following categories: Travel Agency, Real Estate Agency, Association/Consortium, traders, local products Operators, catering Operators, Accommodation facilities, Tourist services, guides-accompaniment services, other services.

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