• Educational Holiday

Educational Holiday

The Sangro Aventino is an ideal destination for nature lovers, since its area is rich in Regional Natural Reserves of Abruzzo that hold particularly suggestive corners and a great wealth of plant species, especially trees. A green oasis, a place to discover and explore through nature and hiking trails. It is a breathtaking scenery that offers you so many activities, ideal for bringing young people to nature and to the protection of environmental heritage. During the year, especially during spring and summer months, it is possible to take part in educational activities and outreach on environmental issues, through guided tours in nature and thematic workshops to enjoy a rich and varied territory. From the coast to the mountains, passing through the valley characterized by the presence of oasis, rivers and lakes, it is possible to visit up to 7 Reserves: on the coast of Trabocchi, the Regional Natural Reserve of Punta dell'AcquabellaRipari di GiobbeGrotte delle Farfalle and Lecceta of Torino di Sangro. While within the valley there is the Regional Natural Reserve Oasi of Serranella, the Abetina of Rosello, where it is possible to see one of the last forests of Abete bianco (Silver fir) of the Apennines, and the Rio Verde Falls. Most of the territory of Maiella Orientale belongs to Majella National Park, with several fauna areas such as the Marsican Brown Bear of Palena and the Apennine Chamois in Lama dei Peligni, where there is also a Regional Botanic Garden, whose symbol is the Maiella Cornflower.

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